POWER RANGERS Teaser – From Zack Morris to John Bender



The first Power Rangers teaser debuted on Saturday at New York Comic Con, but not before some wonderful idiot posted it early that morning on the film’s Facebook page. Whoops. You know I was all over that shit though. I woke up at just the right moment and fumbled to find a working link before they all got wiped off of the Internet and I had to go to work.

But goddamn, it was worth it. Continue reading


Seriously, Guys, Can I Spoil “Star Wars” Yet?


It’s been a month since the new Star Wars was released in theaters. I think it’s about time that we, as a society, started being lenient about people posting spoilers on the Internet.

So, for those of you who missed out on the movie, here’s a list of important things that happened in The Force Awakens: Continue reading