Jon Snow Has Resting “I Just Smelled a Fart and I Don’t Know Who Did It” Face


j01What the hell is that?

j02Did… did somebody just fart?

j03No, seriously. Who was it? It smells like Tormund ate a direwolf and then immediately shit it out.

j04Or maybe that’s just how Tormund smells? No… it’s much more disgusting than usual. Much, much more.

j05It’s putrid. It’s like a rotting corpse dipped in vomit.

j06It had to have been Tormund. That fucking guy. I knew the Wildlings were up to no good. I didn’t want to admit it, but I knew it.

j07But what do I do? How do I confront him about this? Christ, it’s like a cat pissed in Sam’s hair.

j08I mean, I invited the guy into my home, and he just shits in his pants. I don’t think “guest right” specifies any guidelines for this.

j09Maybe I should just ask him nicely. He’d probably be cool about it.

j10Although, he is Tormund. Maybe I should be more aggressive.

j11Alright. Time to nut up or shut up.

j12Hey you ginger-haired, bear-fucking lumberjack, I know it was you who–


All screencaps courtesy of HBO and Used without permission. I feel no remorse.



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